Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My outfits from the past two days aren't really worth posting because all I've done is go to class. So instead I will ramble about the bag of my dreams. :)

Ah the PS1. It seems like everyone wants one these days. I haven't bought a new bag in AGES, due to a general lack of funds (I have expensive taste in bags and a small budget), but I've been drooling over the PS1 for MONTHS. Particularly the black leather, with black hardware. Oh so perfect. I doubt I'll be able to purchase one in the near future, so I will keep my eye out for affordable alternatives, but I'm picky, so we'll see. Maybe I'll manage to save up and blow all my cash on one. I tend to be crazy and impulsive when I have money.

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Liz OT said...

I am drooling with you over your splendid choice. If you have the money, I say 'Get it!', but that may just be me wanting to live vicariously through you.